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    Frans Isotalo, Mika Melender, Visa Sarparanta, Vili Korteniemi, Anne Polvi, Saga Sarkola
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Summary: Virality
Watch Virality (2017) : Full Movie Online Free Set in modern day Helsinki, Finland, Virality portrays the lives of several main characters confronted with viral themes. The film links emerging viral aspects in our modern day societies, such as the spreading of news on the internet, with the viral nature of life itself, as in the storyline of a cancer patient being treated with virotherapy. Being primarily a crime film, the main storyline centers around a bitcoin heist that connects the lives of the main characters. Character storylines involve a young rapper searching for a breakthrough, a policeman who falls for an aspiring musician with a promising international career, a hacker choosing his own path and a cancer patient and a banker who reconcile ten years after the end of their marriage.