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    United States of America
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    Andrew Wilson, Amy Stewart, Fred Willard, Clint Howard, Gary Coleman, Ross Brockley, Ross Brockley, Stan Ellsworth
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Summary: Church Ball
Watch Church Ball (2006) : Full Movie Online Free Dennis Buckstead has the hardest calling in his church. Not only has he been asked to coach a group of non-basketball players in his church but the bishop has demanded that he lead the team to the Basketball Championship. Word from the top is that this is the last season of church ball and Bishop Linderman isn't about to have his team lose for the 20th year in a row in the last season of church ball history! What was supposed to strengthen the body, invigorate the mind and cultivate brotherly love seems to bring out the worst in these church-going ball players. Dennis must find a way to bring his team together and build unity along the way to win the championship or go down in church ball history as the worst team that ever played.