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    United States of America
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    Ken Maynard, Fay McKenzie, Julian Rivero, Ralph Peters, John Elliott, Charles King, Charles King, Sven Hugo Borg, Michael Vallon, Julian Madison, Kenneth Rhodes
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Summary: Death Rides the Range
Watch Death Rides the Range (1939) : Full Movie Online Free The otherwise standard Ken Maynard western Death Rides the Range is distinguished somewhat by a topical slant. The plot concerns a group of spies from an unnamed foreign country (gee, they sure sound German) who head westward to undermine American morale. Into this malaise wanders Maynard, supposedly a rootless cowpoke but in reality an FBI agent. Things begin to heat up when the villains lay claim to a helium well on the property owned by heroine Fay McKenzie. The film's silliest moment occurs in mid-stream, when chief villain Charlie King begins beating up everyone within arm's length, with nary a scratch on his own person.